History of Mining In The Area

History of Mining In The Area

Coal Mining, both Surface and Underground has been a part of Coshocton County ever since the 1850’s. Thousands of hard working men and young boys labored hard and very long hours in the Coal Fields,Pits and Dog Holes of Coshocton County, Ohio.

This area has always been rich in the abundance of Coal during all these years, helping the area towns and businesses to survive and grow. These same Coal Mines provided a good living for every person that labored for the “Black Gold”. During the heyday of Coshocton as I can remember, there were three area Coal Mines, two Surface and One Underground Coal Mine.

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  • Linda Linham says

    My grandfathers worked in the coal mines there. Can you tell me the names of the mines. I think one was Hutt Coal Company.

  • Neal Miller says

    Are the bricks just for the people that worked at Peabody Coal.

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