Brick Laying Ceremony

Brick Laying Ceremony
Saturday, May 21st at the Coal Miner’s Memorial from 1 to 3pm.
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  • Stanley Baker says

    I found out about the coal miners memorial and the brick laying too late to include a brick for my father Everett L. Baker. The Green Coal Mine in Coshocton County was owned by my uncles Fred and William Hoy Green. They were my mother’s brothers and their coal mine was under my father’s farm. Everett first worked at the old Barnes Coal mine before working for his brother’s in law. Everett was the cutting machine operator at the mine and since the mine was under his farm, he walked to work. He got black lung and lung cancer and died at the age of 55 in 1957. I had other relatives that worked at the Green Coal Mine such as my uncle Carson “Tip” Jennings. His wife was a sister to Fred and Hoy Green. Fred’s son Donald Green came from Georgia to be at the ceremony at the Court House Saturday.

    When will there by another brick laying event? I want to buy a brick for my father and maybe for my uncle Tip because he did not have any children.

    Stan Baker

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